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Tafa "T-Shyne" Peters.
Innovator. Musician. Realist.
Weed Connoisseur. Lyrical Genius.
Hip-Hop Guru. Poet. Smooth Talker.
Young Man With a Passion For Music.

T-Shyne returns w/ the highly anticipated 21 Years Later . The 14-track Free Album features appearances from Jet’s Life’s Smoke Dza, Freck Billionaire, Perrion, Slim Dollars, Sam Siegel, Devon Blades & Vin. Production by Taz Taylor, Crudo Means Raw, Audio Gold & FanonBMaker. This record shows a lot of growth since his last release “Innovate.” By far this is his best project yet with many more to go. T-Shyne is now managed by Olivia Atwell of Liv Life Productions. For booking contact LivLife28@gmail.com.